Handmade original wood masterpieces from a Father & Son-in-Law duo

About Us

Our Story

It all began with another hockey playoff loss.  What to do with so much time on our hands?  Steve took to fly fishing (which is great I understand down here in Southern Alberta) and Wes went out to his garage and his wood & tools.  Seeing a large amount of cut-off and otherwise waste wood, Wes was distraught on the thought of just throwing it out or burning it (being of Scottish heritage).  After watching some videos, it became apparent that there was something with these pieces of castoff wood and the new world of epoxy. A couple of learning pours and more toys bought, a passion was born!  Steve liked what was done but said; go big or go home.  We need to make some big-ass tables!  Of course it helped that Stephanie and Steve needed a new kitchen table… And the partnership was born.  There are four family members involved with Prairie Grain (officially credited) and we each have our own sphere of influence.


Meet the Team


Chief Media Influencer

Similar to many other millennials, Stephanie has a successful career as a media influencer. She has an impressive 320 followers on instagram and her followers rely on her for a variety of brand, product and travel reviews. Without her daily guidance her followers would be incredibly lost.


Chief Router

The “semi-professional” athlete of the family, Steve enjoyed a career in the WHL and a stop at the Minnesota Wild’s Rookie Camp. He picked up a passion for wood working trying to “save money” building furniture for his wife. While no money was saved, an obsession was born.


Chief Sander

Wes has come along ways from growing up on a small farm outside of Edmonton where he misspent a youth doing chores, riding bikes and snowmobiles.  Nearing retirement, he can’t wait to misspend his time again.


Wood Widow - Chief Safety Officer

Floy grew up on a farm outside of Rocky Mountain House being safe.  She brings that safety culture and ability to take people to Emergency to her role with Prairie Grain. Her real career is data management.  This new adventure allows her to spend quality time with the team, making them safe.

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