How to Make a Record Stand

Vinyl records seem to me making a comeback, but maybe they just never left. Either way it’s nice to show them off in something other than one of those Ikea storage cabinet rack thingies! I decided to make this specific stand for my best friends 30th birthday and I’m going to walk you through how you can make your own. 

Tools: Jigsaw, Miter Saw (Nice to have), Palm router with a roundover bit (Optional – for that extra crisp finish)

Materials: Any piece of wood that is at least 26” long and 10” wide along with two smaller pieces 12-18” long (the longer the base pieces the more records you can hold) If you want to get fancy you can glue some contrasting wood species together like I did here. This was maple and walnut. 

To start, cut your large piece in half. Now you have your two ends. I cut my pieces to 13” tall and 10” wide. Cut your small pieces to 2-3” wide by your desired length (18” will give you room for about 40 records). This is where a Miter Saw comes in handy, you want to cut a slight angle on the ends of your base pieces. I cut mine at 10 degrees. 

I realize now I should have taken more pictures of the process, but I’ll do my best to explain this next part. We need to cut notches into our pieces so that the ends will sit in the base without any adhesives or hardware. To do this, I simply marked where I wanted my notches (2 inches in from the ends) and placed the end of one base piece on top of the other, flipped it over so that the angled edges were facing opposite direction and used the 10 degree angle to make a guide line for my notch cut. Now cut the notches with your jig saw. Clear as mud, right? Hopefully, this picture is a good enough visual for you. 

You’ll then need to cut notches in your end pieces, these ones won’t need to be angled, just make sure the notches are equal distance apart on each piece or you’re going to have a real wonky stand. What’s next? Nothing?! Yeah, you’re literally done if you want to be. Put your pieces together to make sure they fit. At this point you can use a palm router and round the edges of your pieces if you wish as well. Now it’s time to sand, and it’s really up to you how far you want to go. I sanded this all the way to 320 grit (overkill, I know… but damn it’s smooth). Then finish with whatever oil/varnish/stain you have handy, I used Omso Polyx-Oil.  If you have a laser handy (I mean, who doesn’t have a laser?) you can engrave a logo, a saying, whatever you want really. Now it’s time to put on your favourite record, pour some whiskey on the rocks, and admire your work of art.

The finished product!