What to do with some of those cutoffs and end pieces

Every project has cut-offs and end pieces.  That’s just a given fact.  Now you could gather them up and have a nice fire
and I have certainly done that a few times.  But what about some of the larger or more figured pieces.  Seems like such a waste to just burn them.  This post is going to document how the piece on the left will turn into something like the piece on the right.

The steps that are going to be detailed out are:

  • Square the ends of the piece
  • Split the piece with an axe
  • Make a mold to hold the two pieces
  • Pour the epoxy
  • Sand the piece
  • Laser the Prairie Grain logo on the back ( or maybe the front)
  • Decide what type of inserts to CNC into the front
  • CNC the board
  • Draw out the puzzle piece
  • Cut the puzzle line
  • Final sanding
  • Finish